Macy Hohenleitner

CoLab Facilitating Artist

Ensemble Alumni


(She/Her/Hers) Macy Hohenleitner, a recent graduate of Hanover High School, is truly lucky to be apart of the amazing group of artists that make up CoLab. Macy has been involved with theatre productions on the South Shore since the age of 12. Favorite credits include Eurydice (Loud Stone), Legally Blonde (Elle Woods), Carrie (Sue Snell), Eris' Chain (Adonia), and Me and My Girl (Sally Smith). When not acting, Macy loves traveling, eating well, and saving the earth.


Currently in the midst of a gap, Macy recently returned from working on two organic farms both located in Tuscany, Italy. In January, Macy will leave for the six-month international leadership program called Up with People. Up with People is a non-profit organization that provides an opportunity to travel, perform, and impact communities through volunteerism and cultural exchange.


As always, Macy sends her gratitude and love to Corinne and Peter for all they do.