​A Shakespeare AND a Musical?! At the SAME TIME?!

The Theatre Collaborative offers a Summer Repertory Training program for young artists ages 14-19. This 5-week program offers a rare opportunity for performers and stage managers, immersing them in a true repertory experience. During their time in the program, students will rehearse both a classical text and a musical, as well as participate in workshops led by theatre professionals.

Summer Repertory Training

25 Candidates total: 21 actors, 4 Stage Managers


Theatre Collaborative Ensemble is now seeking young artists, for their summer 2018 Shakespeare and Musical.

The 5 week program is designed to invite students from the surrounding communities into a collaborative environment where they can work alongside professional mentors to explore acting  technique, music, and movement. It will also help hone their artistic skills through a series of workshops and  repertory theatre experience.

The purpose of this program is to offer young artists the chance to work with a professional staff and to enhance their skills in a craft they are passionate about. Theatre can serve a catalyst to providing young people with an outlet for expression, a place to meet new people, and also to engage the community. 

No experience necessary! TCE is a non-audition program. Students that are confident and ready to explore a Shakespeare or classical text alongside a Musical, are certainly ready for TCE.

25 students would be accepted into the program based on their essay and reference.

Titles Under Consideration:

As You Like It

Much Ado About Nothing

Henry V

Where’s Charley?



Program Outline

Week 1: 9:00AM-5:00PM

Professional Theatrical Workshops, and  Auditions for the Shakespeare and Musical

During the first week they participate in professional development workshops led by faculty and hired professionals.  They could potentially include Shakespeare, Movement for Musical Theatre, Voice and Speech, Yoga, Acting, Improvisation, Stage Combat, headshots and resumes, and Theatre in the Digital Age. They will also learn about the audition process, and audition for the play and musical they will be performing that summer. We do not announce titles until orientation.

Weeks 2-4: 9:00AM-5:00PM

Rehearse Shakespeare and the Musical

The core of the work done in the 5 weeks will be working on the Shakespeare / Classical text and the Musical. Philosophically, students who have the lead in the musical would play supporting roles in the Shakespeare and vice versa.

Week 5: 12:00PM-8:00PM

Tech rehearsals

The final week would consist of the production process, culminating in the performances

Final Performances: 7:30 Curtain

The productions of the TCE company perform in the tradition of repertory theatre; A rotating schedule of productions. This component of the program makes the TCE experience exclusive to our up and coming young artist.  

Application Details



$1, 200.00

Application Type:

Online, a confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours of your submission.


Application Deadline:

May 1st 

Acceptance notices will be sent by:

May 7th 


There are a limited number of scholarships available for TCE. Scholarships are need-based, and applicants must fill out a financial aid application. If you wish to request an application, email us at: 


Scholarship Deadline:

May 1st 





Macy Hohenleitner

"Peter and Corinne push you past boundaries you didn't even know were there to begin with. Getting to work collaboratively with students who share the same passion and drive as you is special in itself. Not only that, artistry is found through similarities and differences, the dream in any collaborative project."