Our mission is to strive to provide communal exploration, to collaborate, create, and communicate diverse storytelling and human experiences.

Our Story

Theatre can be the heartbeat of a community.


We wanted to create a destination where people can feel engaged by theatre. Not just a place you visit, but somewhere that everyone feels welcomed.


A place where artists and community members can come together in a shared experience of storytelling, dialogue, and reflection.

A space that welcomes collaboration across artistic and cultural mediums, and collectively generates thought provoking work. 

Opportunities that challenges us to continue to learn about the craft, ourselves and others, so we do not sleep through a revolution.

Theatre is about more than just the work we present to audiences. It is about building relationships and keeping our minds and hearts alive.

Our Work



We have several events happening throughout the season through TC REP, LAB, & STUDIO. We hope you will join us!


TC REP features work done by our resident acting company. Our vision is to utilize theatre as a catalyst for engaging in open dialogue and reflection. Through traditional repertory work, exploration of new texts, and reimagining of classical texts, we seek to offer a modern repertory experience to artists and audiences. 


TC STUDIO strives to foster the development of artistry. We believe a fundamental part of the craft is to continue to challenge ourselves to expand our skills. We offer workshops and classes, taught by leaders in the theatrical community, providing all levels of artists with access to professional training


Theatre Collaborative is committed to the support and artistic development of theatre, so we created LAB, a space where artists can experiment & explore. We encourage all types of artists to join us in our efforts to generate new theatre.